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"Happy Never After" collection

Current collection

During my travels, I often find joy in collecting unadorned items, imagining how I can breathe new life into them through vibrant colors. The six displayed objects may appear unrelated, but each serves as a paradoxical memento of my adventures to various destinations. The contrasting light and dark paper mache masks were acquired during my trip to Venice, while the three small wooden boxes hail from a craftsman's shop in Hanoi, and the Bunny box originates from Japan.


These artwork received their second lease on life while I was confined to my humble home during the years of the Covid lockdown. With my inspiration drawn primarily from the natural beauty of the flowers and plants surrounding my home, as well as the distinct impressions of the places these objects originated from, I painted them while reflecting on the memories of the people I met, the places I visited, and the scenes I encountered on my journeys.

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